New City Diner

02 Dec




 3825 Crompond Road 
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567  (Map)
(914) 788-9877


Attendees: Sylvia, Jeff


When a diner has 4 equivalent pages devoted to just breakfast, you know it has to be good.
The New City Diner is not located in New City.  It’s located in Cortlandt Manor on Rt 202/35.

The diner itself seems cozy inside with an array of odds and ends that a crazy grandmother type might collect (ie, most probably me in 50 years…except more cat lady than grandmother type).  After taking some time looking over the rather extensive menu to see what they offered, I settled on the Ario-Greek Omelette with a cup of coffee.

My omelette was actually quite delicious.  The freshly sauteed spinach and feta were folded in thin layers of perfectly cooked moist eggs.  The potatoes were very moist and buttery with a nice exterior crisp, kind of like mashed potatos, but not mashed and in homefries form instead.  The best part was the three slices of warm pita bread instead of toast.

The coffee wasn’t terrible, but not the best either.  They were good enough to leave a small carafe at the table so they don’t have to go around refilling.

The czar says: Not the cheapest of diners, with two meals coming out to $30 including tax and tip.  But with a comparably larger selection that incorporates a few more options not normally found in a diner (done at diner quality), it’s a pretty decent place to go.  Besides, where else can you get an omelette made with 4 eggs (not the usual stingy 3!)?

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It’s cold and damp.  This is not my favorite weather.  Maybe breakfast will cheer me up.

There wasn’t a very big showing for the Westchester Breakfast Club.  Our numbers are dwindling and schedules are getting busier.  Sylvia and I trudge on!  If it’s just the two of us, we have a little more flexibility to go where we want.  We decided on going up north to Peekskill. We actually ended up on Rt. 202 at the New City Diner.  I have no idea what town this diner is technically in. (Editor’s Note: It’s Cortlandt Manor.)  I don’t think it’s Peekskill (Editor’s Note: It’s not.) and I don’t think it’s Yorktown (Editor’s Note: It’s not.). I’ve been spending more time around there because Mercy has a campus in Yorktown, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what town starts where.

Walking into the New City Diner, it looks like your standard diner.  It’s got the good ole’ diner booths with the massive bar.  We quickly order coffee,which is brought to us in a carafe. Nice touch.  I don’t have to constantly wait for a refill.  The coffee wasn’t terrible.  It was nothing to write home about, but it was good enough for me to have multiple cups.

Ordering food is a rather difficult task, but difficult in a good way.  The menu is extensive.  I think we counted 4 full pages of just breakfast.  I had to settle on the peanut butter pancakes.  Settle really isn’t the word to use, I suppose.  I’ve had a hankering for pancakes for a while.  The fact they had peanut butter on them was the deciding factor.  Also, there were bananas and chocolate chips, all smothered in maple syrup.  This meal was heavy, but worth every bite.

I would definitely go back to the New City Diner.  I’d go back more often if it wasn’t so far.  Maybe I’ll go for dinner after class one day.

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