Westchester Bagel Cafe

02 Nov





709 Post Rd
Scarsdale, NY 10583 (Map)
(914) 722-4747


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I craved a simple breakfast this morning, so I suggested the group try the Westchester Bagel Cafe in Scarsdale. It’s tucked in a shopping center filled with big-name stores, so you might well miss the cafe if you don’t know it’s there. But once you do know, you’ll return again and again for hearty, budget-friendly meals.

We arrived around 10. Good thing, because shortly after the place really filled up, and people were waiting for tables. This is a popular weekend morning destination for the Scarsdale/Eastchester/Hartsdale crowd. And looking at the menu, it’s easy to see why. Plenty of breakfast offerings, as well as basic sandwiches and salads. I opted for a bagel with Nova salmon and cream cheese. I walk a fine line when it comes to lox. I like it not particularly slimy nor overly fishy, which is hard to find. Fortunately the Nova this morning fit the bill. The portions were very reasonable; the bagel thankfully wasn’t stacked too high with lox and cream cheese. And the price–$8.00–was great; at other places, you might easily pay an average of $15 for a lox bagel. This was just right, both in terms of taste and cost.

Westchester Bagel Cafe is a great stop, whether you’re refueling after going to the NY Sports Club across the street or filling up before a shopping outing. Just remember: the later you get there on a weekend, the higher likelihood that you’ll have to wait for a table.




This shopping area in Eastchester (including the bigger strip across the busy Route 22, aka Post Road) has changed over the years.  I remember coming here as a little girl with my mom as she would visit the Lord & Taylor.  Sometimes before or after our swim meets at the nearby Lake Isle Country Club (very nice pool).

I do have to say, every time I venture out here, I have never noticed the Westchester Bagel Cafe tucked in between shops at the Vernon Shopping Center.  Too bad I missed it.

It’s a bagel shop, but with table service with a diner like menu including items without bagels.  The place is small, and the tables smaller.  Definitely not a place for any party larger than 4.

Starving, Jeffrey and I arrived early, so we split a cranberry nut muffin as we waited for everyone to show. Muffins are not their strong suit.

As Jeffrey pointed out, breakfast sandwiches are my thing.  So, when we saw an item called the Westchester Breakfast Sandwich, I was ready to order.

Scrambled eggs with melty swiss cheese layered in the eggs, slice of ham and a toasted plain bagel to hold it all together.  It was quite a sandwich.  Plus it came with home fries.

The sandwich was pretty large and very good.  A weekend worthy breakfast sandwich because if I had this at work, I’d need a nap by 9am.  The potatoes that came with it were overkill and had a more boiled potatoes look than crispy homefries.

The czar says:  Great place to fuel up for some shopping across the street.


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