Wobble Cafe (again)

12 Feb

21 Campwoods Road
Ossining, NY 10562-3735
(914) 762-3459 (Map)

With our wallets still feeling the pinch from our visit to Mint, the WBC decided to once again visit an old favorite: Wobble Cafe. Since we’ve been here numerous times before, we decided to include reviews only of the meals we hadn’t yet tried before: S’mores Pancakes (enjoyed by Reid) and the Vermonster panini (gobbled down by Shelley).

Attendees: Reid, Shelley, Jeffrey, Sylvia



Advisory Opinion: The S’Mores Pancakes at Wobble

Though there is no official case, I have been asked to provide an advisory opinion regarding the taste, texture, and overall quality of the special “S’mores Pancakes” that I ordered last Sunday at the Wobble Cafe in Ossining, New York.  It is not my practice to provide advisory opinions, and I believe it to go against the “case or controversy” provision of the WBC Constitution.  But, seeing as the WBC Constitution is a living document (in that I made it up just now and can change its provisions on a whim), I will make an exception under these exceptional circumstances. I mean, how many times are we going to a) be at a place we’ve reviewed two or three times already, and b) have a special as demanding of my attention as “Smores Pancakes”?

Unfortunately, the S’morecakes themselves did not live up to the exceptionality (exceptionalisity? exceptionalishiousness?) of the circumstances. They tasted more or less like run-of-the-mill chocolate chip pancakes, just with a few marshmallows on the side.  I noticed some white streaks of what looked like marshmallow within the corpus of the pancakes, but they added only to the visual and not to flavor. Similarly, the pancakes were vaguely graham-cracker-colored, but I could detect neither graham-cracker-flavor nor graham-cracker texture. All in all, I felt the promise of “Smores Pancakes” went unfulfilled. They were still pretty good, and I enjoyed them, they just weren’t anything special.

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Yes, yes, we’ve been to Wobble many times. So all I want to do here is briefly discuss a new dish that I tried at this most recent visit.

This late Sunday morning I didn’t want breakfast, I wanted lunch. Fortunately for me, Wobble’s brunch menu offers plenty of options for someone in my position, with a variety of salads, sandwiches, and paninis. I love me a good panini, and my eye drifted to the charmingly named Vermontster, which would contain arugula, Vermont (of course) cheddar, and apples. When our waitress told me I could add chicken to the mix, it was a done deal for me. I could have gone the healthy route and gotten a side of fruit but I figured, hey, my sandwich already has apples in it, I can get a side of fries.

The food arrived within a reasonable amount of time, especially given the fact that all the tables and all the counter seats were occupied. Wobble always has a charming presentation, and my meal came served on a lovely dish with a red China pattern. The panini was perfection. The sweetness of the apples blended so nicely with the sharp cheddar cheese. The chicken was still moist and satisfying, not dried out as sometimes happens in paninis. And finally, the panini was not overly greasy. Wobble got it just right.

And this little gem cost just $9 and change.

What can I say, Wobble does what they do well. They provide good quality meals and because they have such a high volume of diners, their prices are very affordable.

It’s been a couple of years now of visiting Wobble on a semi-frequent basis, and, you know what, I’m not afraid to say it: Wobble Cafe, I think I love you.

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