Dumpling Galaxy

13 Dec



At the request of a good friend, this WBC member went out to Queens and gave Dumpling Galaxy the good ole WBC once over.

 42-35 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355

  Attendees: Jeffrey and friend


It is the opinion of this WBCer that over the last 5 years, Flushing, Queens has been undergoing a drastic change. This change is in response to the newer, younger generation of Asians in Queens. There are good things about this shift, but I fear for some of the older, traditional culture of Flushing.

Dumpling Galaxy is one of those places that was brought in to appease the younger generation. It’s kind of hidden in the back for a newly built “mall” that contains a bunch of other shops. There’s a Red Mango and a Tous les Jours for post eating food shopping. There’s even a nice parking garage downstairs that has a door that goes right into the mall. Pro tip: if you parking there and eat at Dumpling Galaxy, ask your server for a coupon for parking. You get 1 hour free if you eat more then 30$.

Ordering food is easy. There are plenty of pictures on the menu with nice, big, clear English words right below the Chinese words. There’s very little guessing involved in ordering. Even the guy who greeted us spoke perfect American English.

We were tasked by a friend to try three dumplings in particular, so those were the first ordered. Of them, Wood Ear and Cabbage; Duck and Mushroom; Octopus and Chive, I surprisingly liked the wood ear and cabbage dumpling the most. It had an earthy flavor that is very reminiscent of old fashion Chinese cooking.

The other dumplings were good, but didn’t give me that feeling of nostalgia. My counterpart, Kelly, was not a fan of the Wood Ear. I suppose that is to be expected from someone who didn’t have the same Asian upbringing. Side note: bringing non-Asians to chopstick using restaurants is always a fun time. She was more of a fan of the vegetable steamed dumplings. Another pro tip: When trying new places that have “non-traditional” ingredients, go with someone who’s willing to try stuff. Kelly was up to trying anything, which was awesome! We got to try as much weird stuff on the menu we could fit in our stomachs.


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  1. May Jones

    December 14, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    Noted and greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for the in-depth review!!! I will be making the trek to Flushing to give it a try for myself!!!!