Peekskill Brewery

23 Nov



 47-53 S. Water Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 734-BEER

  Attendees: Sylvia, Jeffrey, Shelley, Meghan


Peekskill Brewery has brunch! Brunch starts at noon on Sundays, so this weekend, I rounded up a crew and we paid them a visit.

The menu is limited, but the options are all delicious sounding. There is a Brewer’s Brunch available, where for $20 you get a choice of appetizer, entree and a half pint of one of their beers. If that didn’t float your boat, they also had a variety of appetizers and entrees available on their own. It was pretty tough to choose.

I went with the Brewer’s Brunch. I started with the biscuits and gravy, then had the PB Breakfast (two sunnyside up eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans, kale and mushrooms) along with a half pint of any of their beers available that day.

The biscuits and sausage gravy were pretty good. The two little biscuits were a little dense and the gravy was a touch on the salty side, but still very yummy.

The PB Breakfast was essentially a full English Breakfast except instead of tomatoes, there was Kale. In fact, if you looked at the full menu, it seems Kale is in season or they just really like to put kale in everything! They cook their kale well, so it was fine by me! My only complaint was that there was no toast available to help soak up the baked bean and egg yolk yumminess. But I managed to clean that plate without it.

Both Jeffrey and Meghan also did the Brewer’s Brunch and had the chicken and waffle sandwich. This “sandwich” was essentially a very large piece of buttermilk fried chicken, covered in Grafton cheddar, topped with bacon, and egg and sandwiched between two waffles and served with a chipotle maple syrup. Pretty epic on its own, but to really fill the plate, the dish also came with a healthy helping of fries.

They both seemed to really like the sandwich. The chipotle maple syrup gave it a nice kick, and the portion of fried chicken was generous and well fried. All together it was probably a days worth of calories…and worth every single one.

Shelley went against the grain and didn’t do the Brewer’s Brunch. Instead she started with the Soft Pretzel with the Cheddar and IPA sauce. The Pretzel wasn’t exactly soft, and a little greasy, but the sauce was the main attraction.

For her main, she chose a Chicken Sausage sandwich, which was a couple of chicken sausages, peppers and onions smothered in melted cheese curds on a baguette. The sandwich is a cheesy hangover cure.

The czar says: A nice little find in Peekskill. The menu is small, but the options are all intriguing and well executed. The portions are very generous and you will not leave there feeling unsatisfied. Beverage wise, the coffee was good, although tea was lipton with some herbal options available. Peekskill seems to be up and coming with the restaurant scene. Something to keep an eye on…

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