Founded on December 17, 2009, this club attempts to deliver reviews of various breakfast establishments around Westchester NY, with an occasional excursion to a restaurant in Manhattan for brunch. It’s not just about the food. We also discuss ambiance, general service, and mood of the group, all with our touch of unique WBC humor. The Westchester Breakfast Club has been featured in The Journal News and on Small Bites.

We welcome suggestions for restaurants to try.


Sylvia (Breakfast Czar)
Jeffrey (Assistant Treasurer)
Shelley (VP of Public Affairs and Marketing/WBC Editor Extraordinaire)
Reid (VP of Legal Affairs)
Pat (Assistant to the Treasurer/Minnesota expat)
Andrew (Assistant)

To recently visited establishments: Our reviews will be posted within 2 weeks of our visit. If you e-mail us, we’ll be happy to update you when the post will be up.

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