Cooked & Co.

23 Jun





128 Garth Rd.
Scarsdale NY 10583 (Map)
(914) 205-3939

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer kept some of the WBC away this week. But Sylvia and Reid braved the heat to sample the offerings at the charming Cooked & Co. in Scarsdale. You know the drill.


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Cooked & Co. is a high end gourmet food place located along Garth Road in Scarsdale.  The breakfast offerings were a bit slim, relegated to more healthy, lighter types that utilize egg whites, vegetables and herbs.  Besides what was listed on the menu, we were told they also had pancakes that day.  I had settled on the special of the day, which was an egg white (I think) frittata with goat cheese, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and possibly other vegetables that I can’t remember right now.  To go with this healthy dish, I also opted for a banana nut crunch Nutella muffin, to go with a cup of coffee from beans roasted at my favorite Coffee Labs.

We ordered and found a seat near the window.  The bench was filled with very nice decorative French themed pillows, and the decor was a rustic café type.  Our meals came out quickly.

The frittata was very good.  It came a la carte, and it was light and flavorful.  The Nutella muffin on the other hand was the complete opposite.  It was too much of a good thing.  The muffin itself was very good.  It was moist and flavorful, however they also injected the muffin with a column of Nutella through the center.  It was way too much Nutella.  In fact, my teeth actually hurt while I was eating it.  So, I ended up eating around the Nutella instead.

The Czar says:  Good place for a quick breakfast and coffee that is light on the calories (unless you get one of the delicious looking baked goods too), but heavier on the wallet.  The lunch and dinner offerings that you can take away looked really good, but also very expensive.  Think Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua, except with a more rustic interior decorating scheme and no pretty cakes or delicious babka. (I used to work in Chappaqua, and I have a special place in my heart for their unsweetened iced tea, chocolate babka and very berry muffins on Wednesdays)




The Case: Cooked & Co. v. the Westchester Breakfast Club (Shorthanded)

The Venue: A small storefront in Scarsdale.

The Facts:  At the outset, I should note that I originally was going to vote differently in this case, but I changed my vote over the past few weeks in order to preserve the institutional legitimacy of the WBC.

The atmosphere of Cooked & Co. was very warm and inviting. The wood-slat walls gave a very cozy feel to the whole place, and the displayed ingredients gave the menu a thoughtfulness and sense of “casual gourmet” that I appreciated.

Though it was somewhat early in the day, I really felt like a sandwich, and the grilled chicken with melted mozzarella and a balsamic onion compote sounded very good. I needed to ask whether the balsamic onion spread was too “vinegary;” I was assured that it was not.

The sandwich did not disappoint.  The cheese was melted enough to bond to the chicken without being too hot, and the spread was much more sweet than vinegary. Combined with the savory chicken and cheese, it made for a delightfully light-tasting meal, perfect for that 11:00 A.M.-ish lunch.

I also tried some of Sylvia’s Nutella muffin. Though it was tasty, I gotta say, if I came back, I’d split one of those muffins among five or six friends. It was so powerfully sweet that I really could only manage a forkful or two before being driven off.

The Verdict:  It’s hardly an all-inclusive dining experience, but if I lived nearby, Cooked & Co. would definitely go into my quick-bite rotation.






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