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19 Aug




200 Central Avenue  
White Plains NY 10606 (Map)
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It’s been well over two years since the WBC enjoyed breakfast at City Limits. Pair that with the restaurant’s recent renovation/redecoration, and it seemed like the perfect time for us to give them a second try.


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The Case: City Limits Diner v. The Westchester Breakfast Club

The Venue: Tarrytown Road just outside of Downtown White Plains

The Facts:  City Limits just underwent what it refers to as a “mature metamorphosis,” but the rest of the English speaking world would call a “minor, barely noticeable redecoration.”  It’s still basically a mid-scale bistro, with an art-deco-meets-1950s-diner vibe, they’ve just added a slightly fancier baked goods counter. I got the whole wheat pancakes, which were fine, but entirely unremarkable.  I did appreciate that the strawberries were rather fresh, not just “fresh.”

The Verdict: Fine, as it was before this renovation, and was before the last renovation, and the one before that.





So, City Limits, now that you’ve gotten rid of you child fantasy interiors and have grown up to a more adult fancy wood lined look, does this make your food better or worse?

Even with all renovations, City Limits decided to keep the menu the same.  No matter.  I ordered my usual City Egg Sandwich and a cup of coffee, and ended my meal with a slice of their Lemon Pound Cake, which I have always been fond of.

Here are the reasons why I like the city egg sandwich at City Limits:  It’s no fuss and is served by its lonesome.   No fries, potatoes, salad, or what not.  It’s served on a brioche roll that is just so airy and soft, but still hefty enough to hold onto the insides without melting away.  The insides consist of half salsa and half salsa verde atop a lot of fluffy eggs scrambed with mini diced chorizo.  The salsa was very mild, with just a hint of a kick.  Even those who are most heat adverse could enjoy it.  It also has a slice of cheese broil melted onto the top slice of the bread.  It’s a substantial sandwich, but surprisingly not a messy one to eat.  I wish the chorizo was diced a little bigger so it had more of a role in the sandwich.

The lemon pound cake was always good, and is still good.  There is no breakfast pastry menu.  I asked what they had available, and our server brought me the dessert menu.  So, for dessert I asked if they had lemon pound cake.  He had to go check.  After a little bit, he returned with great news…they did!  Done.  The pound cake is moist and buttery and the top is infused with a good shot of lemony tartness.  A perfect way to end a meal!

By the way kids, City Limits is using a new blend of coffee.  That’s what our server told us as he refilled our cups and asked us if we liked it.  It was decent.  Not the best, but it was good enough for another cup!

The czar says:  City Limits is back!  I did miss it while it was undergoing its transformation, and I’m glad it’s reopened.  The food is more or less the same, the insides a little more grown up.  Welcome back!




So, City Limits in White Plains opened up again.  They did some major renovations to the façade. It looks really nice. The interior layout is a little different and I think there’s more light coming in. That might just be me guessing. Let’s see if they renovated the menu too!

I decided upon the lobster/crab eggs benedict. (OK, so I don’t remember which creature they had in it exactly, but I remember it was some sort of shellfish.)  I was pleased with it. City Limits usually pops up on most intial Westchester breakfast searches, and rightfully so!  They provide a solid, consistent breakfast that is a step up from your run of the mill diner.  You should also give the bakery a shot. I didn’t try it this time, but they usually have a nice selection of breads that I believe are baked on the premises.




City Limits has always been a great place for breakfast. Would it still be great after its recent renovation and redecoration?

The answer is yes.

The menu hasn’t changed. Some may argue that a visual overhaul of a restaurant should be accompanied by a menu overhaul as well. However, City Limits has dishes that are tried and true crowd pleasers and have brought Westchesterites returning for delicious meals over and over again.

I wanted both sweet and savory this morning, so I ordered the orange lemon waffles and a side of scrambled eggs. Plus we got a double order of bacon for the table. Yes, I was hungry. And my meal gave me exactly what I wanted. The waffles were fluffy and had a wonderful sweet citrus flavor infused into them. The cup of real maple syrup was an added treat. I’m glad the waffles weren’t served with any ice cream or whipped cream–between the natural sweetness and the syrup, it was perfect as is. The eggs were well cooked and fluffy and provided the balance of protein that I wanted with my morning meal.

And, you know, the WBC has to have dessert (even though I had a sweet portion with my breakfast). I was on a citrus kick and I couldn’t resist the lemon layer cake. I’ll get right to it: this cake was perhaps the best cake I’ve tasted in a very long time. The lemon flavor was so delicate and the cake was moist and buttery. The layer of lemon creme in between the cake was not overly sweet and was just so pleasantly creamy. And frankly the cake looked beautiful too.

In terms of the renovation: I’d really call it a redecoration instead. Except for a new wall and new dessert case in the front, the layout of the interior was the same. The overhead light fixtures were even the same, just a different color. Everything is now tones of brown, gold, silver, copper, which feels sophisticated. I’m just really glad the food is the same good quality.

City Limits, good job. I’ll be back.


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