River City Grille

07 Oct




 6 South Broadway 
Irvington, NY 10533 (Map)
(914) 591-2033

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I decided to do a breakfast meeting with a good friend of mine, Antonia.  Our intention was to do our traditional Horseman breakfast in Sleepy Hollow, but the establishment was suspiciously closed.  There was a sign on the outside mentioning “Family Matters.”  I doubt it has anything to do with the beloved 1990’s feel-good sitcom starring Jaleel White.

Whatever the case may be, we ended up at River City Grille in Irvington.  The restaurant seems like it should just be a “side of the road” diner considering it’s pretty much just off Route 9 in Irvington.  Walking inside, you see that it’s definitely more put together than your average truck-stop diner. It’s actually pretty nice in there.  First impression when you walk in, after watching out for the big step at the entrance, is that maybe it’s a lot fancier than you initially thought.  But it’s not over the top.  The atmosphere is comfortable.  The menu reflects the type of environment the restaurant is trying to convey to its patrons.  There is a large selection of food.  Overwhelmed, I played it safe and ordered the breakfast bowl.  It’s two eggs over easy with chorizo and salsa served over rice with a little bit of black beans.  All mixed up, it was delicious.

Overall, River City Grille was an excellent experience.  The price wasn’t outrageous and the food was good.  I’d definitely recommend this place for breakfast.




So today, as has been our tradition for almost as long as we’ve been alive, Jeffrey and I went to breakfast.  Only this time, it wasn’t breakfast, but BRUNCH!!  Because our usual place was closed for, uh, unspecified reasons… we went to River City Grill in Irvington.  It was absolutely one of the best brunches I’ve ever had.  They started us off with a variety of delicious breads and muffins, with butter and some sort of strawberry cream cheese spread.  The breads tasted homemade and the strawberry cream cheese was something from my dreams.  They then surprised us with a fruit cup.  For the main event I had a quiche with spinach, tomatoes, and sausage, over a bed of lightly dressed leafy greens.  I am sad that I am not currently eating that for every meal.  The only down side with the meal is that it was a little pricy.  Mine was about $17 or so.  However, for a special occasion or a slight splurge day, this is the place to go!


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