Sunset Cove

21 Oct




238 Green Street 
Tarrytown, NY 10591 (Map)
(914) 366-7889


Long-lost WBC member Patrick returned to town just in time for his big birthday, so the group decided to celebrate with brunch buffet at Sunset Cove in Tarrytown. This was before Sandy rolled into town. We all hope that Sunset Cove didn’t sustain too much damage and that everyone is safe.

Attendees: :jump_to_Jeff:, :jump_to_Sylvia:, :jump_to_Andrew:, Reid, Patrick


Happy Birthday Patrick! It’s a big birthday, so let’s celebrate at Sunset Cove!

Sunset Cove is right on the water in Tarrytown.  It’s right at the end of the road, so it might be hard to spot.  Locals, however, have a good idea where it is.  The restaurant offers up a buffet style brunch.  There’s a vast amount of options, including, but not limited to, French toast, waffles, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, bagels, lox, a pancake station, an omlette station, and a lunch section that I decided not to tackle.  There’s also a large dessert section.  And to my delight there were mimosas.  People just kept asking me if I wanted another mimosa.  I had to stop at one, but the “one” was served in a really big glass.
Sunset Cove has a good brunch.  It’s not something to do every weekend, but it’s something to do for special occasion.  The ever flowing mimosas are a plus.
I am not a buffet person.  It’s just too dangerous and I always eat way more than I should.  But, it was a special occasion for the WBC, so a fancy brunch buffet was in order!
Located at the end of the road, tucked in a marina adjacent to the Washington Irving Marina is this bright and somewhat cozy space (compared to other more cavernous impersonal buffet places) that offers a rather varied brunch buffet for $27.50 per person (which seems to include unlimited beverages like coffee, tea, and mimosas).  It seems popular for gatherings and parties (one was going on while we were there).  Reservations are definitely required.
There was a pretty decent variety of breakfast items as well as more lunch items and also dessert.  Definitely not the same stuff you’d find at a hotel breakfast buffet.  There was also an omelette station, a pancake station, and a carving station.
The food I had was pretty decent for a buffet.  The only thing I wasn’t too impressed with was the sausage (it just wasn’t good) and the English muffin that the eggs Florentine was on top of (too tough to cut).  I liked the apple pastry I had a slice of, and the custom omlette (broccoli and ham).  The lox was pretty good, not too fishy.  I didn’t sample much of the lunch offerings since there was just too much breakfast to sample!
Dessert was decent, just run of the mill cakes.  If you have no room for dessert, you don’t miss much.
The Czar says:  A nice brunch buffet for a special occasion given the setting and the quality of food presented.  A very nice place to go during the warm summer months so that you can sit on the large patio out back with the views of the Hudson.
At the end of a long driveway, past a public ball field, behind a boat yard sits an unassuming and surprisingly small restaurant right on the shore of the picturesque Hudson River. Looking out across the river, the staccato brush strokes of autumn tug at at the feet of the stiff emotionless guard of the Palisades while the insouciant dance of the river catches the low October sun. It’s 11:30, Sunset Cove is having a brunch buffet, and by the time I get to a table I would have already missed 2 minutes where I could have been filling my plate.
Warm brown French toast, peachy chicken and muted pink ham cubes, rich dark golden scrambled eggs, crispy blackened bacon and sausage and a cheerful yellow and white poached egg and hollendaise sauce formed the base of my  palette with which i will paint. The colors are applied to the canvas in broad sweeping strokes with distinctive regions but blurred boundaries.
Dabbing  the muddy reddish-brown of meatballs and sausage from the second palette, a forest of barren trees form off in the distance. A stroke of the pink and orange salmon and a bright splash of color of the setting sun streaks across and the quickly falls back into background like sawdust released into the wind. A warm orange glow of pasta like a sleepy fire crawls across the canvas.
On the third palette, a custom made omelette paints a wide, squat mountain which fills the horizon. the slopes of the mountain are gentle and inviting. A cool mist breezes across the mountain top in the form of fresh mozzarella cheese cubes.  
On the last palette, lazy strokes of cheerful pastels swirl from the center out, The chocolate cake and cookies complete my portrait of expensive breakfast buffet on the scenic Hudson river. What was once a blank slate hungering for color and texture is now a lethargic blend of earth tones. It weighs heavily on me as I sprint back to the train station. I still have to buy tickets!

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