Eldorado Diner 1

28 Oct




55 West Main Street 
Elmsford, NY 10523  (Map)
(914) 592-6197


There are 3 Eldorado Diners in Westchester. It’s very confusing, especially to WBC editors who are trying to prepare a post and get yelled at by other members for listing the wrong Eldorado Diner. Come on guys, cut an editor a little slack. In any case, this visit by Sylvia and Jeff was to Eldo’s 1 in Elmsford, which has been in their breakfast roatation their entire lives. When Sandy was headed our way, the duo headed to Eldo’s for some pre-storm comfort breakfast.


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I grew up in Elmsford and Eldorado will always have a special place in my heart.  Not because the food was awesome or the people there knew me (they do not), but because it was where we went as a family on those random Sundays for breakfast.
However, walking in, much older now, randomly, with breakfast with my brother for a pre-Sandy caloric top off, that hominess was a little lost.  Perhaps it’s because they re-did the interior to look more warm with some not-quality, but not-too-cheap-looking wooden paneling.  Or perhaps it was because the place was hopping.  It’s usually busy on Sundays, but today it was more than busy.
Nevertheless, we were seated right away.  I ordered a Garden Omelette (a bunch of veggies I can’t remember) and subbed some cinnamon toast for the regular toast to go with my coffee.
Our food came out quickly.  My plate seemed to have much less potatoes than I remember them serving in the past, but it was probably better for me that way.  The potatoes were pretty good.  Nice and crisp along the bottoms.  The omlette was an omlette, veggies well-distributed and not overly dry.  The cinnamon toast could have used a little less cinnamon, but was well buttered and not overly sugared.  A good way to top off the reserves before Sandy.
The czar says:  There is a reason why this diner has been here forever.  Solid breakfast and friendly service with ample parking (on both sides of the diner!).  My only beef is that left hand turn out of the parking lot.  It can be tough sometimes.  Patience!
Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy is about to hit!  So, what do we do?  Go to breakfast!  The storm is suppose to hit monday, so Sunday Morning, we head out to Eldorado Diner to do our pre-storm calorie packing.  Eldorado has been there for years.  We’ve gone there for breakfast for years.  Only recently am I questioning, why?  It’s not particularly good food.  It’s really just run of the mill diner food.  Well, we ate our meals.  There’s really nothing worth writing about.  My suggestion is, if you’re in the mood for breakfast, there are so many other places to go before you end up at Eldorado’s.

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