City Limits, part 3

23 Dec



200 Central Avenue 
White Plains NY 10606 (Map)
(914) 686-9000


Sylvia and her family recently revisited City Limits. Sylvia shares how her deviation from her usual breakfast favorite turned out.


City Limits, part trois. I finally tried something different at City Limits.  At the WBC’s previous two visits, I got the same thing both times, the “City” Egg Sandwich.  Finding myself back at City Limits again for a impromptu breakfast with my father and brother on Sunday, I decided to go for something a little different.  And I am glad I did.
This time around I ordered the House Smoked Atlantic Salmon & Warm Potato Mushroom Cake, served with a Hard boiled egg and Tzatziki, along with my usual Lemon Pound Cake.
It was a great decision.  The smoked salmon was perfectly salty and combined with the Tzatziki and the crispy potato and mushroom pancake underneath, it was absolutely delicious.  The potato and mushroom pie was really shredded potatos and sliced mushrooms cooked till the exterior and circumference were perfectly crispy without any sign of soggyness.  The hard boiled egg was cooked beautifully with nary a spot of grey on the yolk.  The amount of Tzatziki provided was perfect (no scrapping off the the side here!), and it came with just a smattering of capers.  Enough to add flavor, but not overwhelm the dish at all.
I finished the whole thing…and wanted more.
My lemon pound cake was held as my dessert, and still as delicious as always.
The czar says:  Yes, City Limits is still an expensive diner, but they do food well.  I now have a new dish to keep me going back!  P.S.:  The parking lot is still insane on a Sunday.  Park on the street, it’s free on Sunday, and there are plenty of available spots!




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