17 Nov



175 Main Street
White Plains, NY 10601 (Map)
(914) 428-5500


Attendees: :jump_to_Sylvia:, Shelley, Jeff, Kathleen, Meghan, Ali


We had our first meeting with our newly minted WBC Breakfast Buddies! A big hearty welcome and thank you for joining us!


Looking at Sofrito’s brunch menu, I was pretty much expecting the usual “let’s serve up some lunch items and slap on some eggs to call it brunch”, type of fare.  However, it kind of worked for them.


I had a guava and cheese empanada to start.  It was all guava and just a few discernible shreds of cheese.  Very sweet, definitely more of a dessert empanada than a starter.  It was a baked empanada, not fried, and the guava bbq sauce that came with it was really good.


At some point, right as I started to notice how our entrees were taking a really long time to show, a plate of calamari presented itself.  Apparently it was on the house, and I was too far away to hear the explanation, but I am assuming it was due to the fact it was taking so long.


The calamari was really good.  The squid was soft and not rubbery or chewy at all.  The fried coating was thin and light and didn’t overwhelm the squid.


For my entree I had the Borinquen Frittata, which had shrimp, chorizo, sweet plantains, queso blanco, onions and sweet peppers.  It was topped with a few slices of avocado.  It is now one of my favorite frittatas.  The shrimp was plentiful and cooked well.  There was a really nice balance of flavor between the savory of the chorizo and the sweet of the plantains.  The queso blanco gave it just the right amount of cheesiness.  I polished the whole thing off, happy with every bite.


Jeff and I split a dessert.  We had the guava cheesecake, which was essentially a slice of cheese cake with a guava reduction poured over it.  With guava being so sweet, it was a good call as opposed to a cheesecake with guava in it.


The czar says:  My only gripe was the espresso sized volume of coffee that was served.  However, the milk that comes with it is hot, which was nice.  I don’t normally take milk in my coffee, but as we know, if they put the effort into steaming/heating the milk, I will have some.


Sofrito has a good brunch.  It was something different than the usual eggs and pancakes and well executed, food wise.  Go if you have nothing else to do that day and are looking for something laid back with good conversation and good food, cause it can take a while.





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