The Beehive

07 Dec


30 Old Route 22
Armonk NY 10504 (Map)
(914) 765-0688
 It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not only is it time for the WBC’s annual Secret Santa gift exchange, but it’s time for us to celebrate our fourth anniversary! That’s right, it’s been four years of breakfasts and brunches across the county. And so far, despite all that eating, none of us has become morbidly obese. Win-win!

To celebrate and reminisce, we gathered at The Beehive in Armonk.


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The Beehive was actually recommended to us by a reader.  A cute little restaurant that flew under the radar, we would have missed it otherwise.  I am so glad he brought it to our attention!

The Beehive is located off Old Post Road.  Inside is charming and warm, which was nice on such a cold day as it was.  I had made reservations since we were doing our Secret Santa exchange, and for the first time, in a very long time, the WBC was having breakfast together under one roof!

Good thing we made reservations.  The place was pretty full at 11:30 on a Sunday morning.  I was slightly early and had arrived first, and after getting settled in my chair and awaiting everyone else’s arrival, I started looking for some coffee to help warm me up.

None was offered.

I sat there, all by myself for a full 10 minutes staring down the waiters trying to establish eye contact and use my telepathy skills to signal my want of coffee.  My telepathy skills were rusty and the wait staff did their very best to avoid any and all eye contact with the lonely girl seated at an empty table set for 7.

Finally, once Shelley arrived, the table was now deemed service worthy, and I was finally presented with a cup of coffee.

That was my only gripe.  The food, along with the general merriment that comes with Secret Santa exchanges, made me forget about it.

I opted for the Breakfast Tacos from the specials menu.  The Breakfast tacos contained all sorts of goodness like eggs, sausage, cheese, sour cream and salsa of sorts stuffed into soft corn tortilla taco shells.  Along with some potatoes, shredded and crisped and browned to crunchy goodness, this dish was super yummy.  It was unique, and well executed.

The czar says:  While the service could have used a bit more attentiveness, the general quality of the food was quite good.  It seems like a perfect place to hop in for quick hearty breakfast or a long slower, more festive breakfast event.


Even if you don’t know exactly where it is, once you turn onto Old Route 22 in Armonk, you’ll be able to spot The Beehive by the, well, large beehive sculpture on top of the building.

The Beehive is one of those great restaurants that has high quality food in an upscale setting but with diner food prices. You can enjoy a sophisticated meal without busting your wallet.

The interior of Beehive feels like a friend’s dining room, with soothing cream and yellow tones. Large windows provide ample natural light, even on a cloudy day like this particular Sunday.

I was very hungry this morning, so my eyes settled on a particularly decadent item on the breakfast menu: The Breakfast Tostata (for $10.95). This delectable monster contains cheesy eggs, black beans, a corn tostada, guac, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Plus I ordered up some lemon ricotta pancakes for the table. It was the WBC’s annual Secret Santa gift exchange, things were festive, so I figured I could indulge a bit.

The Tostada did not disappoint in the decadence department. I was presented with a rather large bowl brimming with goodness. I will say, I think there was a bit too much guac, sour cream, and pico de gallo; in this case, I think it would have been better for them to come served on the side than on the eggs.

The lemon ricotta pancakes were up there on my “best lemon ricotta pancakes” list. (No, this list doesn’t actually exist anywhere but in my own head.) They were smooth, not gummy, and had a delicate balance between the lemon zest and sweetness. The blueberry compote served on the side provided a great flavor complement.

The Beehive is a great place for a special meal at reasonable prices. It’s perfect for a nicer casual meal, and I’d definitely recommend it for a special occasion; in fact, The Beehive is open on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.




What a delightful find. The nuske thick cut bacon and eggs is a combination of high quality ingredients and skilled preparation and attention to detail. I also ordered a side of corn beef hash, fearing the bacon and eggs wouldn’t be filling enough. I was wrong, the bacon and eggs were filling, but the corn beef hash, which is house made and features crispy bits of beef mixed in a delicious hash of potatoes, was too delicious to not eat.

The one complaint I have is that pancakes come out with the fake pre-packaged diner syrup that is mostly sugar and propylene glycol. The pancakes are delicious! They should come with some equally delicious maple syrup. Alas “real” maple syrup costs $1.95.

The food and service is wonderful, I’d make this a weekend go-to spot for breakfast.



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