Susan Lawrence

18 Jan




 26 North Greeley Avenue
Chappaqua, NY 10512 (Map)
(914) 238-8833

Attendees: Sylvia, Jeff, Reid


It was a little snowy out as we headed out to Chappaqua to check out the breakfast offerings at Susan Lawrence.

I used to work in one of the offices located on the second floor of the building that housed Susan Lawrence. Many fond memories of running down for some tea (Harney & Son’s Chinese Flower Tea was my go to), iced coffee or my favorite, their spiced iced tea. That iced tea was clutch while I was taking classes at night for grad school.

Susan Lawrence is a gourmet cafe and catering company. Once you walk in, you’ll veer to the left display case for the savory options or veer right for the more sweet.

I fondly remember Wednesdays were Very Berry Muffin day. Something I treated myself to more than I should.

I ordered an english breakfast tea and while quickly perusing the baked good offerings, I noticed the familiar looking muffin. After confirming that it was in fact the Very Berry Muffin, I ordered one.

For old times sake.

Seating consists of small round tables lined up along the windows. They accommodate 3 per table, max.

There wasn’t much in the way of breakfast-y foods. I overheard one of the ladies behind the counter explain to a gentleman who inquired, that they had pastries and quiches, but there were more brunch-y options available on Sunday’s.

It was Saturday, so we settled on coffee and tea, shared a Very Berry Muffin and a slice of the Quiche Lorraine.

Four years later, the Very Berry Muffin was just as good as I remembered. Soft, moist, airy, full of berries giving small pockets of tartness with just the right amount of sweetness to it. Oh, I am going to miss that muffin.

The quiche was decent. Served warm, the egg was silky and there was ample amounts of cheese and ham. I just thought it was a touch greasy due to the cheese.

The czar says: While this would have been a breakfast fit for a couple of ladies (or gents) out for a light breakfast and catching up of chit chat, we had bigger appetites, so we moved onto the Chappaqua Restaurant & Cafe on the next block.

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