Pleasantville Diner

02 Feb




 10 Memorial Plaza
Pleasantville, NY 10570 (Map)
(914) 769-8585

Attendees: Sylvia, Jeff, Reid


It was Superbowl Sunday, and we needed to fuel up before digging into all the wings, chips and other official Superbowl yumminess. So, off to the Pleasantville Diner we went!

I remember going to the Pleasantville Diner way back when I was in High School. It was a long time ago. Back then, I remember the diner being dimly lit, with closed off booths, and incredibly slow service. Thankfully, after so many years, it seemed to have underwent a transformation, for the better.

Inside is now well lit by the natural light through the windows. We occupied a booth and went to work with breakfast.

I had no idea what I wanted. Diners all have the same fare. Did I want an omelette? My usual breakfast sandwich? Should I try their pancakes? Incredibly indecisive, I settled on something called the Signature Breakfast. For $10, you get the following:

Lowfat yogurt blended with apple preserve and topped with granola
2 eggs, any style
Bacon, sausage or ham
Toast or any muffin

That’s a lot of food. But if they are calling it their signature, I had to try it. So I ordered it, except I asked for the granola and apple preserve on the side, chose sausage, substituted home fries with grilled tomato slices and had an english muffin, unbuttered. I had to keep some semblance of controlled “healthiness”.

The yogurt came out first. It was a water glass filled to the top with yogurt, and on the side, two ramekins filled with apple preserve and granola. The Apple preserve was actually really good. Not syrupy sweet, and with pretty big chunks of apples. The granola was a bit fine and had some dried cranberries in it. Again, not really too sweet. By itself this could have been a meal. I finished maybe half of it before everyone’s meal came to the table.

Jeff had a Southwestern Wrap, and Reid had a waffle with strawberry ice cream. I heard no complaints from either of them. Tabasco sauce was made available for Jeff’s wrap, which he applied amply.

The rest of my meal consisted of the two eggs, over easy, with two sausages and grilled tomato slices. The english muffin was the sandwich size english muffin. It was a lot of food.

The czar says: It’s a diner, a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Get the Signature Breakfast if you are really hungry and have no idea what you want.


A sidenote from the Breakfast Czar:

Needless to say, we love all things breakfast.  So we were surprised to see Westchester Magazine’s newest issue presenting a Westchester Breakfast Guide; a guide of all things breakfast in Westchester.  Hopefully more people will love breakfast as much as we do!  It was also nice to see how we have visited many of the places they reported on but, we did catch a few places we still have yet to visit.

That’s one of the wonderful things about Westchester.  Four years, 143 establishments (not counting all the international and out of state places), later and we still have many breakfast places to explore.  Westchester is a big County!  It looks like we’ll have more breakfasting adventures to come…so, stay tuned!

And as always, if you have any suggestions for places to visit or for the site itself, let us know!  We’d love to hear from you!

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