The Original Pancake House

03 May




 170 Hamilton Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601 (Map)
(914) 683-3770


There’s a new pancake house in town. We were there.

Attendees: Sylvia, Jeffrey


A few months ago, a reader brought to my attention that there was going to be an Original Pancake House opening up in White Plains soon. Then I find out they are opening in a space within rock throwing distance of my office, and I was stoked. Visions of pancakes for lunch started dancing in my head.

They opened quietly, with a few signs propped outside. So, on a Saturday morning, Jeffrey and I ventured in.

I had no idea what I wanted. There were the selection of pancakes, as well as an ample selection of waffles. There were omelettes and the other usual egg dishes available. There was no question that pancakes were the choice, but which ones? I settled on the basics. If you can’t get the basics down, no amount of add ins can save you. So, I had the two by four, which was two eggs (sunny side up) and four pancakes. Jeffrey had the Coconut pancakes, my second choice, and a side of homefries.

So, how did their pancakes stack up, to let’s say, the competing chain down the way in Hartsdale? About the same. The pancakes were good, but not amazing. The pancakes come with syrup. Not maple syrup, just syrup. Sigh…

Jeffrey made the mistake of pouring all the tropical syrup that came with his pancakes, on top. The tropical syrup is sweet, and very heavy on the orange. This made the pancakes way to sweet and was completely overwhelming.

Unfortunately the potatoes did not pass our muster. We just happen to get that one bad potato that made them taste a bit metallic. It happens. The nice part was after eyeing the untouched potatoes, our waitress apologized and took it off our bill.

The service was actually pretty good for something that just opened. Everyone was very nice and cheerful, and they even had some of the line cooks serving food and helping out.

The czar says: It’s a chain, period. The space is nice and airy, and much less jam packed than the IHop. The pancakes were pretty good, but the lack of maple syrup (not even as an option!) kind of just made my whole meal feel a bit underwhelming. I am still curious about their other offerings like their omelettes and waffles. Perhaps a lunch visit might be in order.


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  1. Brian Schnapper

    June 3, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    As the guilty party for the referral, let me say that I hope you’ll revisit. I have no financial or other attachment to them. I have been there too. They were not as good yet as the other locations that I’ve been to. When you return try the apple pancake or Dutch baby. The omelets are enormous and very tasty. Bring reinforcements.