The Prime

18 May




 19 Main Street
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 (Map)
(914) 478-1147


Attendees: Sylvia, Jeffrey, Reid


The Prime is like a bunch of college kids playing restaurant. That’s really the only way I can describe it. Not a bad thing, in fact I found the laid back, but attentive service rather charming. Different really.

The food on the other hand was just okay. Nothing to write home about, nothing spectacular. Just brunch. I had a Spinach White Omelette made with egg whites, spinach and goat cheese. According to the menu, it was also served with multi grain toast and mixed greens.

The omelette I was served was tiny, but stuffed full of spinach and a little goat cheese. There was no toast (I forgot about it and therefore never followed up), and the omelette shared the narrow rectangular plate with a handful of mesclun greens. Just greens, no dressing, no nothing.

Reid had the NY Pretzel Burger, sans spicy horseradish and hot mustard, but with potatoes (which wasn’t according to the menu). His verdict? The salt on the Pretzel bun made it a bit too salty, but otherwise it was fine.

Jeffrey didn’t complain about his french toast. It was standard, he claims. If he got it as a gift, he wouldn’t re-gift it, but he wouldn’t use it either.

The czar says: It’s a nice place for a casual birthday brunch. Nothing fancy, a bit lacking in execution, but not a bad place to go if I lived in the area. Given the random advice to order the cheese balls from a passer by, I’d have to assume it’s a popular dinner place…that is, if the cheese ball thing is real.

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