Hudson Grille

03 Aug



 165 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601mp(Map)
(914) 273-0900


Attendees: Sylvia, Jeffrey, Andrew, Reid, Vanessa, Femina, Meghan, Varun, Heather, Bobby


Besides being a Breakfast Czar, with a very busy day job, I also captain a kickball team.  This week, one of my players moved up to White Plains. To celebrate and welcome her to Westchester, we invited her, and a few of our friends to join the WBC for brunch at the Hudson Grille.

Another bar/restaurant on the more “sophisticated” side of that one block stretch of Mamaroneck Avenue filled with bars and such, Hudson Grille is one of the classier ones of the bunch.

I ordered the Scrambled eggs with the smoked salmon and chives combination, which came with homefries. I also ordered a side of sausage, or as Meghan calls them, bonus sausage.

The scrambled eggs were very good. Surprisingly light, but filling. The homefries were well seasoned and not greasy. The bonus sausage was no Jimmy Dean.

Andrew and Vanessa both had the shrimp omelette. Andrew’s thoughts:

Boozy Brunch, a concept made popular on the Upper West Side by millennials who want an excuse to start drinking early without the stigma of morning drinking, has invaded White Plains (Of course, morning for millennials starts around noon). To Hudson Grille’s credit, they didn’t open till 11:30, while their neighbors already had patrons on the sidewalk downing mimosas. The brunch menu itself contains all the usual brunch items with hipster buzz words like “organic” and “kale”, who knows if any of those words are actually real words or not, but who cares? the food itself was expertly
prepared and the ingredients were fresh and high quality. I had the shrimp omelette, which pared shrimp eggs and cheese together in a way that wasn’t terrible, in fact quite good if you thought about it for a second. (shrimp and cheese?) The atmosphere was great even though we were basically the only party there.

Femina gave the Breakfast Quesadilla a whirl. Her thoughts:

I thought Hudson Grille was very inviting and the manager was very friendly. We were not hustled in and out of the restaurant. I had the Brunch Quesadillas which was as a quesadilla should have been. It was nothing special but it was filling. The $15 bottomless cocktail drinks was a good addition to the menu. I felt like I was in NYC minus the noise ..haha. And finally the desserts on the house were exceptionally good. Especially the “Almond Chocolate Ice Cream Cake” (a must have!). All in all a great Sunday brunch place which is not overly expensive.

Meghan went for the Eggs Oscar and her take on brunch:

I was happy to be back with the club and welcome new residents to White Plains. Welcome Femina!

I had the unlimited mimosas for 15 dollars (shocking) and the eggs oscar. It was two poached eggs over two crab cakes with a chipotle hollandaise sauce and side of hashbrowns. It did not look like a large amount of food. Sylvia ordered bonus sausage and Jeff and I decided to throw in an order of bonus sausage and split it. I finished my meal before the bonus sausage was ready but there’s always room for bonus sausage. Both dishes were delicious and don’t let the eggs oscar presentation fool you- it is a filling dish, especially if you’ve had 4-5 mimosa flutes prior.

Hudson grille provided us with complimentary banana pies and a birthday ice cream pie. Happy birthday Bobby!! I’m not a banana fan but it was quite yummy. Bobby’s birthday pie was good and even though it had nuts, I had a yummy low nut spoonful.

Con- we were one of the only tables and while there were 10 of us it was while before our food came out. I made due with getting my unlimited mimosa’s money’s worth but if anyone in my group was super hangry it may have been a long wait for food.

Overall- great atmosphere, good for groups of any size. Hudson was very accommodating and everyone’s food looked delicious.

Other dishes enjoyed were the French Toast. Which Bobby described as dessert for breakfast.

Reid went for the “unch” part of brunch and had the French Onion Soup and Mussels. Given I didn’t hear any complaints, I’m assuming Reid enjoyed it.

The czar says: A nice place for a boozy classy Sunday brunch. The quality of the food meets expectations. Great for a larger group or a smaller brunch. Of all the places we’ve gone to along this stip of Mamaorneck, I’d say this was my favorite.

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