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Clinton Street Baking Company

15 Feb

Clinton Street Baking Company – 4 Clinton Street, NY, NY

Oh my! It’s not Saturday and yet, here is the Westchester Breakfast Club standing outside the Clinton Street Baking Company waiting for highly coveted table in this 32 seat establishment. But wait, isn’t the Clinton Street Baking Company in Manhattan? What is the Westchester Breakfast Club doing in Manhattan? Any why are we willing to stand in the cold for 2 hours to eat, what is quickly becoming a very very late breakfast?

The Waiting crowd

This is why. Thanks to our Presidents, a majority of us had the day off to celebrate Presidents Day. We were missing, Shelley, one of our core members whose company was celebrating in their own special way. But we also gained a couple of guests, Claudine and Jason.

The Clinton Street Baking Company is known for their pancakes. This month it was Pancake month, where from Monday to Friday, besides their usual regular, blueberry and banana walnut pancakes, they also had an additional special flavor. For us, it was Raspberry chocolate chunk pancakes.

How can we say no when delicious pancakes are calling? So, we called this emergency meeting, packed our travel bags and made our way to the Lower East Side to answer the call.

Attendees: Reid, Pat, Jeffrey, Sylvia, Claudine & Jason

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