Brazen Fox

23 Sep






175 Mamaroneck Avenue 
White Plains, NY 10601 (Map)
(914) 358-5911

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There is a one block section of Mamaroneck Avenue (between East Post and Maple) in White Plains that seems to have renaissanced its way into being the single purveyor of bar/restaurants of White Plains. 

Now it seems they all also serve brunch.  A while ago, after a failed trip to Rue de Crepes, you may have remembered that we ended up at Ron Blacks.  As we work our way up the block, this weekend, we visited the Brazen Fox.

You know it’s bad when trying to decide where to go for brunch, and you can’t remember which place it was you went to last time.  Even their menus look exactly the same. 

Brazen Fox is a bar then a restaurant.  It’s complete with a dark interior and semi-circle booths, where the bar is the main attraction located smack in the middle of the place.  It was a bit chilly this morning, so we opted to sit inside, in one of the semi-circle booths.  I kind of felt like I was in one of those silly Hong Kong comedy soap operas where they always sat in a semi-circle (to make the camera work easier).

For breakfast I opted for something lighter, since I was grabbing a late lunch with a friend down in the city at Penelope. Penelope is good (Great brunch, excellent lunch… worth the wait), and I wanted to be able to enjoy that later on.  But we aren’t here for that. (Editor’s note: After hearing Sylvia rave about Penelope and drooling over the website, Shelley went for dinner. Penelope serves chicken meatballs that are amazing. Stupendous amazing. Shelley wants them again.)

I had the Irish Oatmeal with a side of 2 eggs (over easy) and some coffee.

Our waitress was all business, and I don’t think she ever cracked a smile.

The Oatmeal was good.  The consistency was thick (which I like), and it was sweetened slightly.  It was served with a fresh fruit medley on top that consisted of apples, candied nuts and strawberries.  It was a small bowl, but it filled me up good.  That and the egg and the two slices of toast I stole from Jeffrey to sop up my yolks made a hearty meal. 

The czar says:  Brazen Fox is a pretty decent brunch option if brunch is what you want while watching the Sunday football game that week.  So far, since all I have to compare it to is Ron Blacks, I’d say Brazen Fox exhibited a more pleasant effort in terms of ambiance. 






The Brazen Fox is almost entirely indistinguishable from Ron Black’s, which is right next door; the interiors are nearly identical. For some reason, they serve brunch here.

As part of an ongoing effort to meet minimum required daily intake of cake and meat, I ordered and consumed pancakes and sausage. The pancakes themselves were perfectly ordinary. A very liberal dusting of powdered sugar, decent maple syrup, and whipped cream made it palatable enough to earn Andrew’s ranking of “Good enough!” The sausages were more like giant canned Vienna sausages. Any more of a detailed description will be met with stern disapproving looks.

I had to eat a pound of bacon to get that taste out of my mouth, and to meet the minimum required daily intake of meat.




Ok Brazen Fox, whaddya got?

First things first, I looked at the list of sides on the menu and didn’t see homefries listed. How could that be? Why would homefries not be offered as a side? Maybe if you asked really nicely you could get them. But to not list it? Unusual.

That said, I was ultimately happy with the omelette that I chose. I basically made a Western omelette, and got peppers, ham, and cheddar in my omelette. It was served with homefries and white toast. The omelette was fluffly, large, with the ingredients well-distributed and generously added. Hte homefires were well-seasoned, if a bit greasy. The toast was toast. And, I know Andrew wasn’t particularly worked up about them, but I loved those pancakes. The one bite I tried of them was delicious, scrumptious, and made me very tempted to order a plate of pancakes of my own to go with my omelette. In the end I made the right decision by not getting pancakes (would have been too much). But if I wanted to watch a Sunday football game I might go back to Brazen Fox and order those pancakes to enjoy while watching some player get sacked*. (*That’s the only football term that I really know.)




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