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Eldorado Diner 1

28 Oct




55 West Main Street 
Elmsford, NY 10523  (Map)
(914) 592-6197


There are 3 Eldorado Diners in Westchester. It’s very confusing, especially to WBC editors who are trying to prepare a post and get yelled at by other members for listing the wrong Eldorado Diner. Come on guys, cut an editor a little slack. In any case, this visit by Sylvia and Jeff was to Eldo’s 1 in Elmsford, which has been in their breakfast roatation their entire lives. When Sandy was headed our way, the duo headed to Eldo’s for some pre-storm comfort breakfast.


Attendees: :jump_to_Sylvia:, :jump_to_Jeff:

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Sunset Cove

21 Oct




238 Green Street 
Tarrytown, NY 10591 (Map)
(914) 366-7889


Long-lost WBC member Patrick returned to town just in time for his big birthday, so the group decided to celebrate with brunch buffet at Sunset Cove in Tarrytown. This was before Sandy rolled into town. We all hope that Sunset Cove didn’t sustain too much damage and that everyone is safe.

Attendees: :jump_to_Jeff:, :jump_to_Sylvia:, :jump_to_Andrew:, Reid, Patrick

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Hudson Hop and Harvest Festival

13 Oct
No pictures, no multiple reviews, no breakfast. Instead, this week Shelley, Sylvia, and Jeffrey, along with WBC super guest stars Andy and Claire, ventured to the 1st ever Hudson Hop and Harvest Festival in Peekskill. There was beer (and long lines), food tables (and long lines), live music (and long lines), insufficient lighting (and long lines), an overwhelming amount of cigarette and cigar smoke (and long lines). Oh, right, and the lines were long. Sylvia  sums it up for us.
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River City Grille

07 Oct




 6 South Broadway 
Irvington, NY 10533 (Map)
(914) 591-2033

Attendees: :jump_to_Jeff:, :jump_to_Antonia:

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WBC September Roundup on Small Bites

05 Oct

Hi readers! For a quick snappy summary of what we ate in September, then check out our roundup over on Small Bites.

On to October…!

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