Eldorado Diner 3

11 Nov







784 Central Park Avenue 
Scarsdale, NY 10583  (Map)
(914) 713-3993



We round out the Eldorado trilogy with a visit to Eldorado Diner 3 on Central Avenue. Now we’re just waiting for an Eldorado Diner 4 to spring up somewhere…


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Of the three Eldorados around, I would have to say Eldo’s 3 is the classiest: Dark wooden interiors with nice chairs and tables and comfortable booths.  No paper ad placemats. Well, at least it’s classy until you see the old diner CD jukeboxes that reside in each booth (where you can find a variety of CD’s available ranging from Black Sabbath to Lady Gaga).  But still, since they have moved into what was the old Brazilian steakhouse, they kept some of the interior which made it seem a lot less like a diner.
The menu is exactly the same, so I ordered a similar meal to compare to what I had at Eldorado 1.  This time I had a spinach and mushroom omelette with cinnamon toast. The omelette was the same, the potatos,less crispy, but still edible enough to compel me to finish it all.  The biggest difference was the cinnamon toast. Here the cinnamon toast was better prepared than at Eldo 1.  The cinnamon sugar was more evenly dispersed on the heavily buttered bread, and I got three slices of toast instead of 2.  It was good, albeit heavily buttered.

The czar says:  I like Eldorado’s 3.  It is a pretty classy space for a diner.  My only gripe: the weird, and probably illegal u-turn that has to be made if you’re heading south-bound on Central Avenue.  It seemed dangerous to cut across lanes like that to get to a super crowded parking lot. Eldo 3 seems to be a very popular place to go on a Sunday!




So, there are 3 Eldarado Diners.  We’ve been to two of them, we might as well go to the third.
Where should I start?  The parking wasn’t the best.  When we got there, the lot was pretty much full!  But when we got in, there were a good amount of tables that were open!  There seems to be an odd discrepancy between the number of available parking verses the amount of seats in the diner.  So how’s the food?  Well, I ordered the challah French toast, which, well… I’ve had better.  It was a little soggy.  The side of sausage was pretty good though.  It’s the standard diner sausage.  I’m just happy it wasn’t the obvious supermarket heat and serve sausage.

Overall, the diner was nice.  It was obviously a popular choice among many Sunday eaters.  The place filled up pretty quickly.  Also, the staff appear to run a tight ship.  Service was not an issue.  The prices are normal diner prices. Eldo 3 is a solid diner; but if you’re looking for something a little special, I might recommend something else.


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