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03 Mar




187-189 Hartsdale Avenue
Hartsdale, New York 10530 (Map)

The WBC is usually wary of specialty-cuisine restaurants that offer brunch.  This is simply because our track record hasn’t been so good. We’ve found all too often that many places will throw a condiment from that particular cuisine on some eggs and call it brunch. But brunch it is not. We were disappointed the last time we tried a Mexican brunch. But we’re troopers, and breakfast must be had! So it was that we rambled into Vega on East Hartsdale Avenue for another Mexican brunch. Was it an egg fiesta? Or did we want to take a siesta? (We know, we know, that was cheesy…just read on.)


Attendees: :jump_to_Sylvia:, :jump_to_Andrew:, :jump_to_Shelley:, :jump_to_Jeff:, Reid, Jonathan

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