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We’re Still Around! Just not here so much…

03 Jul

Good morning Breakfast Enthusiasts of Westchester!

First of all, thank you everyone for all your support through these past almost 6 years!  We appreciate every view, comment and chat we’ve had with everyone who followed us as we breakfasted throughout Westchester.

We had a pretty good blogging run, but as we have been growing as a club, we have also been growing in our own lives as well.  Throughout our years together, we’ve earned degrees, bought houses, changed jobs, and generally continued our own paths to our own versions of adulthood.  As we changed, the WBC changed with it.

We are now more focused on other platforms to share our breakfast adventures.  Whereas we started with the website, we have now moved onto Instagram (primarily), Twitter and Facebook.

Follow us on Instagram: westchesterbreakfastclub

On Twitter: @BreakfastCzar

On Facebook:  Westchester Breakfast Club

We are still around, still trying breakfasts all over Westchester (and beyond), but just in a different form.

See you around!



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